Wolf Garten HS 40 E specifikimet

Wolf Garten HS 40 E
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Wolf Garten HS 40 E specifikimet, çmimet, imazhet dhe videot e produktit.

Wolf Garten HS 40 E specifikimet

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Të përgjithshme
Markë Wolf Garten
Model HS 40 E | 7493000
Produkt Prerës i gardhit
EAN 4009269749305
Gjuha Anglisht
Lloji i skedarit EN - 88 (PDF)
Weight & dimensions
Weight 3100 g
Technical details
Blade type Double blade
Blade size 400 mm
Blade tooth spacing 14 mm
Safety brake
Product colour Red,Yellow
Engine power 400 W
AC input voltage 230 V
Power source AC
tregoni më shumë
The light and handy WOLF-Garten HS 40 E Electric Hedge Trimmer, with its 40 cm cut length, 400 watt motor and 14 mm cutter pitch is ideally suited to professional trimming of smaller hedges. Due to its double cutters with impact protection, its two-handed safety circuit, its cable strain relief and its emergency cutter stop, this hedge trimmer is extremely safe and at only 3.1 kg, very light to handle. A sturdy cutter sheath is included for perfect storage between cuts.

- Blades: Double-blade with buffer.
- Application: Trimming of hedges.
- Extras: 2-hand safety switch, Strain relief cable, Blade quick stop, Sturdy cutter sheath.