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Extension cord
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Stereo Headphones

Operating Instructions
Manual de instrucciones
© 2008 Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand


Lightweight active style headphones with soft and flexible spiral behind-the-
neck band.
Earbud-style headphones deliver rich sound with deep bass.
•Water-resistant design.
2-foot short cord ideal for armband use; supplied extension cord (2 feet) ideal
for general use.
Type: Closed, dynamic / Driver unit: 9 mm, dome type (CCAW adopted) / Power
handling capacity: 100 mW (IEC*) / Impedance: 16 at 1 kHz / Sensitivity:
dB/mW / Frequency response: 9 - 23,000 Hz / Cord: Approx. 0.61 m
(24 in), OFC litz cord / Plug: Gold plated stereo mini plug / Mass: Approx. 13 g
(0.46 oz) without cord / Supplied accessories: Carrying case (1), Extension
cord (Approx. 0.61 m, 24 in) (1), Earbuds (S × 2, M × 2, L × 2), Clip(1)
* IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Wearing the headphones (see fig. A)
1 Hold the headphones as illustrated.
2 Wear the neckband around the back of your head, and insert the earpiece
marked R in your right ear and the one marked L in your left ear.
Adjusting the cord and position (see fig. B)
The cord length and position can be adjusted. Slide the cord adjuster to the left
side of the neckband first, and slide it back to your desired position.
When the cord is adjusted short, it is stored in the groove of the neckband.
Check the cord stored in the neckband before use.
z Tip
It is recommended that the cord adjuster is positioned across the root of your
Before adjusting the cord, take the headphones off.
If the neckband is pulled hard or the cord is not stored in the ditch of the
neckband correctly, the cord may come out of the groove.
How to install the earbuds correctly (see fig.
If the earbuds do not fit your ears correctly, low-bass sound may not be heard.
To enjoy better sound quality, change the earbuds to another size, or adjust the
earbuds position to sit on your ears comfortably and fit your ears snugly. The M
size earbuds are attached to the headphones before shipment. If you feel the M
size earbuds do not suit your ears, replace them with the supplied S or L size
earbuds. When you change the earbuds, install them firmly on the headphones
to prevent the earbuds from detaching and remaining in your ear.
Cleaning the earbuds
Remove the earbuds from the headphones, and wash them with a mild
detergent solution.
How to re-attach the cord to the clip (see fig.
1 Hold the clip closed, and pull up the lever on the clip just a little.
2 Put the cord into the groove under the lever.
If you pull up the lever on the clip without holding the clip closed, or holding
the clip closed but opening the lever too much, you cannot put the cord into
the groove under the lever.
Do not catch the cord on the projection of the clip or do not wedge it into the
groove. It may damage the wires of the cord.
How to carry the headphones (see fig. E)
1 Place the headphones in the inner case.
2 Wind the cord around the side of the inner case and then put the inner case
in the carrying case.
If the headphones do not sit comfortably on your ears, or the earpieces tend to
slip off your ears, this may be caused by the neckband becoming distorted
during transportation.
Tr y the following check steps:
Check 1
Hold the headphones as illustrated (see fig F-1), and see if the headphones
are mostly symmetrical.
If the neckband is extremely-deformed, bend it to the correct position by hand.
Check 2
Check that the base of the neckband is not deformed (see fig F-2).
If the neckband is extremely-deformed, bend it to the correct position by hand.
If the angles of earpieces do not fit in with your ears
Adjust them by swiveling the housings. You can turn them to upwards approx.
40 degrees or less (see fig F-3).
Listening with headphones at high volume may affect your hearing. For traffic
safety, do not use while driving or cycling.
Do not put weight or pressure on the headphones as it may cause the
headphones to deform during long storage.
The earbuds may deteriorate due to long-term storage or use.
Please keep your headphones clean at all times especially inside the rubber
earbud. (see fig. G)
If any dust or ear wax inside the earbud, you may experience some listening
Install the earbuds firmly onto the headphones. If an earbud accidentally
detaches and is left in your ear, it may cause injury.
If you bend the neckband at the same part repeatedly, it may break. If it
breaks, a wire-like metal may be projected from the covering and you could
injure yourself. If this happens, stop using the headphones.
There is EP-EX1 available (sold separately) as an optional replacement

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Udhëzues përdoruesi (PDF)
Headphone sensitivity100 dB
Impedance16 Ω
Driver unit9 mm
Magnet typeNeodymium
Diaphragm materialPolyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Headphone frequency9 - 23000 Hz
Ear couplingIntraaural
Cable length0.6 m
Product colourBlack,Silver
Volume control
Product typeHeadphones
Weight & dimensions
Weight15 g
Ports & interfaces
Connectivity technologyWired
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