LaCie d2 Network 2 specifikimet

LaCie d2 Network 2
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LaCie d2 Network 2 specifikimet

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Të përgjithshme
Markë LaCie
Model d2 Network 2 | 301506
Produkt Nas
EAN 320127536825, 32017193406, 3610170493549, 3660619004386, 3660619315062, 5053973888774, 93053002220, 930530022206, 93053797652, 0320127536825, 0930537976526, 0093053797652, 0032017193406
Gjuha Anglisht
Lloji i skedarit EN - 56 (PDF), EN - 44 (PDF)
Total installed storage capacity 2 TB
Number of storage drives installed 1
Storage drive capacity 2000 GB
Drive device, transfer rate 68 MB/s
Other features
Networking features Gigabit Ethernet Base-TX
Interface type Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44 x 173 x 160 mm
Compatible operating systems Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows Vista 64-bit/Windows 7\nMac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6\nLinux 2.6
Minimum system requirements 600MB HDD\nInternet Explorer 7.0/8.0 / Firefox 3.0 / Safari 3.0 / Chrome 2.0 +
Multimedia UPnP A/V, DLNA Media Adapter, DAAP
Supported network protocols SMB, AFP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Apple Bonjour, BitTorrent, NTP, DHCP, Apipa
Ports & interfaces
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports 1
USB 2.0 ports quantity 1
Bundled software LaCie Network Assistant for Windows, Mac, Linux;\nGenie Backup Manager Pro \nIntego Backup Manager Pro
Weight & dimensions
Weight 1500 g
Certification RoHS
tregoni më shumë
- Fast access to your NAS—performance up to 68 MB/s;
- Complete backup solution for data integrity;
- Advanced power management options;
- Dynamic DNS remote access.

Design by Neil Poulton
The LaCie d2 Network 2 offers professional, reliable, central storage for instantly storing, sharing, and backing up from any PC or Mac® on your network, and best of all, it’s fully compatible with Windows®, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Manage your home or small office network easily with this full-featured file server, recommended for networks with up to 200 users. The d2 Network 2 is perfectly suited for quiet environments or for professional IT server rooms thanks to its 19” rackmount capability.
With the d2 Network 2’s new widget-based dynamic web interface, administration is easy, convenient and secure. Thanks to its DHCP and Apipa support, network configuration is fast and automatic. The product integrates easily with existing Windows domains using Active Directory and it allows user, groups, share, and quota management. Access to administration pages and shares is easy using LaCie Network Assistant and, on top of that, it can provide its administrator notifications via email of events like backup, disk failure, high temperature, etc. Get extra security and increase data portability by backing up your LaCie d2 Network 2—on your own schedule— to an external hard drive through its USB and eSATA ports using the built-in copy system. The LaCie d2 Network 2 comes also with Genie® Backup Manager Pro™ for Windows and Intego® Backup Manager Pro™ for Mac to install on each PC/Mac for client backups to the NAS. This software lets you reliably and efficiently back up your documents, emails, settings, or other digital assets.
You can connect your d2 Network 2 directly to your computer with a USB cable to access to a dedicated folder USBShare of up to 500GB like a normal external hard drive. This unique feature allows you to gain extra flexibility and mobility for customized usage, so you’ll be able to format this USBShare in your preferred file system using your computer. The LaCie d2 Network 2 helps you to reduce power consumption by switching to idle mode (where the disk spins off) after a determined inactivity time. In addition, it also integrates UPS support through its USB port to ensure proper shutdown in case of power failure. On top of that, its exclusive aluminum fanless heat sink design makes it your ecological partner—it’s recyclable and ROHS-compliant.